Alexandra Anagnostopoulou
visual artist


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Stymphalia presents Στυμφαλία_2012
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The shrew-man _2012
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Through the historical research of our contemporaneous Mark Pokker, Jack Gondry and Jean Blaudouinne, it is estimated that the wide use of the “tele-vision” and the uncontrollable growth of its power over human beings had brought devastating disturbance on the normal pace of social life, imbalance in political life and had contributed in the relentlessly increasing difficulty of conceiving the difference between reality and myth. It seems that by educating Earth’s citizens in violence it had unsettled their orientation in the world and that had led to huge bewilderment.

The colossal power the device had developed was deeply affecting the attitudes, the beliefs and the values of the people, as it often presented a distorted insight. The gradual corruption of the human spirit of that age had started to lead them to barbarism, expressions of mass disorder and cannibalistic deviations.

The blind ambition of the device’s creators had led to their cruel disenchantment. The disappearance of the civilization under consideration, dated around 2100, through wild, violent conflicts, coincides with the end of the era of “tele-vision”.