Alexandra Anagnostopoulou
visual artist


On archive_2015
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Stymphalia presents Στυμφαλία_2012
Prenez soin de vous_my interpretation_2012
The shrew-man _2012
Note of Hand no12_2011




I don’t have much to say about the countryside – countryside does not exist· it is an illusion.
Georges Perec, Espèces d’ espaces

Is it necessary to invent a fantasy and fill it with the world’s unsoiled nature so as to fill in the emptiness of something that does not exist, the place occupied by the nature’s illusion? And what was the case before the universe gave birth to us who brought into alignment all that it had to display? An illusion defines a gap in the physical world, which is at once delimited and therefore converted to an existence. In the shadow of an axiomatic and totally subjective definition of this existence lies the evidential experience of he who lived as a nomad and he who got to know the western-like civilization, he who was born in the city and he who was born in the countryside, he who reflected on his relation to the environment, he who created the first garden having as sole criterion the aesthetic delight and he who developed the timber trade. The various viewpoints and practices are there for us to embrace, reject or reinvent them from scratch in a chaotic framework where human evolution, philosophy and imagination co-exist and debate sometimes as fellow combatants and sometimes as rivals.